I m at this moment riding « chasing legends « and I m wondering on the cadence recommendations…i have a pretty constant cadence of 90-95 and I m fine with that. Now when the recommendation goes to 80-85 should I slow down or is it fine just to continue in my rythme?


@TheBlackKite It’s probably fine where you are if you are comfortable For lower cadence efforts - 50, 60 or 70 it is more important to stick to the recommendations as there are different forces on the muscles.

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Thanks that was my thinking too, i know 50-70 is different exercise but was really wondering about this 80-85 :slight_smile: 23min to go :joy:

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I’ll generally try to follow the cadence targets. For me, going from 90-95 to 80-85 usually gives my HR a bit of a break. Where I struggle is low power high cadence. That’s just a nope.