Cadence Threshold?

Noob, here. Just ran “Half Monty” for the first time today and was looking at my generated metrics in my profile. I understand the 4DP numbers well enough, but what is cadence threshold, as reported in my profile?

Obv. I understand cadence, but given it’s front-and-center on my 4DP profile page, I’d like to know that it’s reporting. (It’s 80rpm, btw).


Any chance of posting a picture? I’ve never seen cadence threshold before and can’t see it on my profile page. Could be something new?

Looking across platforms, I’m only seeing it on iPad/iPhone, not on my laptop. It presents at the bottom of the 4DP numbers.

Interesting! Mine profile doesn’t look like that, it could be something new that’s just been added from Half Monty. I’d be interested to see if anyone else has this.

My Ipad and Iphone app profile doesn’t look like that either…

I’m running version 6.16.1 for iOS, which is the current version, per the App Store.

I have the lastest version on iOS, as well, and I don’t see this in my profile, either. :thinking:

Hello and welcome!! Great job on your Half Monty and getting your metrics so you can really dial in your training. As you know, Cadence can impact performance and heart rates. Cadence Threshold is the cadence at which you are most efficient. At your Cadence Threshold you are using your ideal Cadence not too low (muscular tension) or too high (causing your heart rate to rise) but that just right number to spin and gain fitness. Hope this helps and happy training!


When was this metric added? And do we get the value from FF and HM? It’s be cool to hear a bit more about the science behind it.

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Would be interested to know what plays into this metric as well, and how it could be expected to vary over time with increasing fitness and efficiency.

I’m coming back off a 20 year layoff, and 80rpm is way lower than what I’d have spun as an “efficient” cadence back in the day.

Watch out for next weeks ‘From the Coaches’ post :wink:


I’ll look forward to it! :+1:t2:

Next week the “From the Coaches” topic will be about all things Cadence and I am sure many will look forward to learning how to get the most of your spinning. The main defining point of Optimal Cadence/Cadence Threshold is that at a given power 15% above or below your OT/CT alter the physiological demand of maintaining that power output significantly. Staying within your OT/CT range will be the most optimal power production.

Hope this helps!


My cadence threshold is showing up as 85, which I think is spot on for me as that’s my preferred cadence for threshold efforts.

I’m wondering when my cadence threshold will show up in my profile and how I get it. Not because I think it will change anything, but because I love more data and just want to know why some people see it and not others. :slight_smile:



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Mine showed up straight after doing the HM ramp test for the first time last week. I’m a new member if that makes any difference.

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Just completed HM, but no cadence threshold. Should I do something to enable or find this?

I’m using the figure from my Elite Direto rather than a dedicated sensor

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