Calories in Strength and Mobility Workouts?

I have never been a very good calorie tracker but I am learning to start to focus on that for some weight loss goals. The cycling workouts with my new kickr seem to have calorie numbers that help with my calorie tracking in myfitnesspal, which can be connected to my Garmin Connect and Strava accounts. But that does not seem to be the case with the strength and mobility workouts. Am I missing something? Are there such numbers?

The app doesn’t track your heart rate for mobility/yoga/strength, so there’s no way for it to calculate calorie burn. I tend to use both the app and my Garmin Fenix to record every activity, and then only keep one or the other within Connect/Strava, resulting in HR data for mobility/yoga/strength workouts.

@sunvalleylaw Using the Wahoo Fitness App with a heart rate strap will also work but you will have two records on your SYSTM calendar. You can delete the strength and / or yoga and then merge the records and they will turn green but you won’t have any history on how many times you have done a specific strength or yoga workout but you will get calories.

I use TrainingPeaks and there are other apps that allow you to collect training data and track metrics. TP has a free and paid version. The free version will probably suit your needs.

For things like resistance training, yoga, etc. I just use common calorie estimators. Generally, it’s not going to be much compared to cycling, running, etc. Most calorie counting apps have estimators for these activities, even including things like shoveling snow, yardwork, etc…

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HI @sunvalleylaw ! I definitely understand your frustration and my answer may not help- but the reason why high quality apps do not include calories for strength and mobility is because calorie burn is not a significant factor. It is more beneficial to concentrate on the range of motion and relaxing into the stretch instead of intensity related to calories. Does that help at all?!?

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It may not be a significant factor in the eyes of the creator of the app wrt the stated objective of the workouts. However, the consumer may feel it is an important factor in their objectives. This argues for including it.

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Concur. I can use that work around others have mentioned (and do now) but it would be better if it was just included.