Experimenting with HR and estimated power data in yoga and strength videos

I’d be interesting to know if anyone else is collecting heart rate data when doing the yoga and strength videos? I’ve been simultaneously recording heart rate / power / calorie data using the Wahoo App when I do a yoga or strength video. I have a PowerTap PowerCal which uses an algorithm to estimate a wattage number relative to heart rate. Anyway, when I upload the wahoo session to Strava and re-catorgise the workout as a ‘virtual run’ I start to get similar metrics in Strava as I would if I was out cycling with a power meter and heart rate strap. From there I get HR and wattage numbers that I can analyse against the different workouts. Now what these metrics, especially an algorithm designed to give a power number, are actually saying about a yoga and strength video is a bit unclear. Which is why I’m interested to know if others are doing similar experiments? What are you learning? I suspect to understand what the data means will require a complete paradigm shift regarding how the data is normally valued, and it probably speaks not to strength per se but ones bodily and mental efficiency - of which strength is just one part. Interested in your thoughts…

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I’ve used my polar vantage v to measure strength and yoga before for heart rate. When I upload to Strava and TrainingPeaks it automatically puts it in as strength and allocates a stress/effort score based on this. I get the heart rate fluctuations which is interesting and helps me look at my actual effort versus perceived during the session. But it’s just fun to look at and say ‘oh that’s the warm up, those were the spider planks, that’s where I lay down at the end’ rather than useful in a training way (for me). I did like the fact it added extra numbers to my weekly stress score (only little numbers but every day they add up) but I’m moving away from focussing on that as a measure for me because it had started to become a goal in itself and was getting me down. Just doing stuff now that feels good based on a SUFPlan all in triathlon and getting stronger. Still measure it all but don’t count it all up. What was the question again? :laughing:


Totally agree with the moving away from TSS and CTL numbers as a goal in themselves. I’ve just made the same mindset change myself.