Redcord and trx strength and mobility sessions

I’d love to see redcord/trx type of sessions in the strength and mobility category🙏 also I’d like to see filter on what you have available as “tools” you need to do the session.

Thanks for a great digital training platform

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Absolutely! My TRX over the years has been my go to strength workout equipment, and does wonders for me!

Not everybody can nor should be using these devices. The strength and mobility series are designed to be done with a minimum of equipment that will be available to the average cyclist. A yoga mat (or actually any soft surface will do), a chair, a towel, a tube, and a water bottle should be available to everyone.


@trillian74 You can record TRX workouts using either the Rival Watch or the Wahoo Fitness App and they will appear on the SYSTM calendar.


Thanks for this! What if one doesn’t have either the watch or the Wahoo Fitness App? Or is the Wahoo Fitness App the same as Wahoo SYSTM? I use Polar and have for years…don’t want to migrate over to anything else. Appreciate your input!

Thanks for the suggestions. Just a @jmckenzieKOS mentioned, our strength and mobility sessions are have been designed to guide people through well planned, safe and effective sessions with minimal equipment required. With that said we are well aware that people have a variety of tools to work with. TRX is a fantastic versatile tool, and I encourage anyone who has this piece of equipment to incorporate it into their routine responsibly.


@BGeff Different app than SYSTM but it is free. Scroll down the apps in the link and you will see it - 5th one down the list.

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