Can one capture "other" app rides with the Open series of workouts?

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Can anyone share how to capture ride data on the SYSTM app while riding something like Rouvy (I have a charity ride on there soon) with Rouvy controlling the trainer?

Is it just a matter of turning both apps on with SYSTM “not” in ERG mode?

Thanks in Advance.

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that is pretty much it. You can have one in ERG and the other in Level or power reading only mode. But, you will need a way to connect to both apps and depending on what trainer you have and the connection you use, you may need more.

Eg. I have a Kickr '18 and it allows 3 simultaneous Bluetooth connections so I can connect via Bluetooth to SYSTM at the same time I connect to Zwift (as a power source only, if I want SYSTM to control my trainer) AND, theoretically, Rouvy or some other app as well, though I’ve never done that.

Most trainer’s Bluetooth, afaik, only allow for 1 connection via Bluetooth and the first one to get it, keeps it. So, you could connect to one app via Bluetooth, and another app via Ant+ since most trainers broadcast both at the same time.

Does this help?

Edit: Also, did you ever get your FB drama concluded Sir Joe?

Sorry, I should add that since you want ROuvy controlling the trainer, in SYSTM you’ll need to run an Open Vid (or any vid really, or No-Vid for that matter) of suitable length and it should record your power output and other metrics if you connect as I noted above. Don’t forget to press play and toggle off the controllable trainer icon in whatever vid/no-vid you decide to run.

EDIT: I think my answer is wrong. I’ll leave this here so subsequent posts make sense, but it’s probably best to ignore it.

I think you may have been asking a different question than @Glen.Coutts answered. If you want to use a SYSTM workout while watching Rouvy, do what he said. If you want to do a Rouvy workout and record the ride in SYSTM, you can’t. Maybe that feature will show up in a future update, but it hasn’t yet.

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I’m not sure that’s the case. Why couldn’t you let another app control the trainer while letting SYSTM record the power? You’d just have to make sure that trainer control is off.

Have you tried this and been unsuccessful @AkaPete?

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I think you’re right! I was thinking about it like importing an outdoor ride into SYSTM, but that’s not really what’s happening at all.

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Sir Glenn and Aka Pete,

I was successful yesterday in connecting my Kickr to my computer running ROUVY via an ANT+ dongle, while simultaneously connecting it to my iPhone running SYSTM via bluetooth.

It accomplished what I was looking for, which was simply to ride the ROUVY route which I later shared to STRAVA, and mark my OPEN 30 as completed in my SYSTM calendar. (I suppose I could have just clicked the “Mark complete” button, but this way it actually gathered power and heart rate data, so that’s cool)

I will try this outdoors (but not today) with an old PowerTap wheel that broadcasts both Bluetooth and ANT+ by connecting a Garmin 800 via ANT+ and SYSTM via Bluetooth while riding to see if I can capture an Endurance+ workout in much the same way.

… and No, Sir Glenn, I remain eques non grata to the Sufferfest page. It remains invisible to me on Facebook. I kinda have reasons to think this was going to be my last year targeting the tour, anyway. So it may be good timing, even though I can never leave.

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Well @anon93050083, you’l be sorely missed on FB during the Tour but at least you’re in the Forums. That is sooooo weird about FB. Glad you were able to record everything. See you on the start line Sir!