Wahoo Systm with Zwift

Hello. I would like to combine Zwift and systm. I mean training with Systm and riding a zwift by the way. Will it work if I connect one application via Bluetooth and the other via the Ant + antenna? Maybe someone has already tried such a combination?
Thank you for the answers and best regards.


Yes. It can be done. Just make sure that only one is trying to control the turbo if it’s smart.


Yes. I do this all the time. Works very well. I only do SYSTM workouts, but combine with zwift.


Thank you for your answer. I asked because I did not know whether to buy the Ant + antenna

Depending on your devices, you may be able to use just Bluetooth if the trainer/HRM can connect to multiple devices. I have it all thru Bluetooth.

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I use Wahoo Kickr Core. What kind of trainer do you use?

I have the regular Kickr but I believe with both that one and the Core you can have the trainer connect to both Zwift and SYSTEM by bluetooth - just uncheck the controllable option on Zwift and everything should work fine.

I’m intrigued by this - can you go into a little more detail? I have a Kickr and use Zwift and Systm but not at the same time - would love to hear how you do this!

Yesterday I tried the method described by Chrisl and it works. In Zwift, I turned off the control of the trainer and it worked.

I have a windows laptop and an AppleTV 4K + TV.

I run SYSTM on the windows laptop with an ANT USB dongle (from Garmin btw). I then pair my smart trainer (tacx neo) with ANT & SYSTM as I normally do.

On the AppleTV I run Zwift. I pair with bluetooth. Select “power source” and “cadence”, but disable “Controllable”. This way Zwift won’t try to control the trainer (hills etc). SYSTM will control the trainer. Zwift responds correctly to to power I put in the pedals.

Now I can do normal SYSTM workouts and get entertained by the zwift graphics. You can even do zwift races while you do an ERG workout in SYSTM.


Thanks - I saw the original question and thought “nah, that’ll never work”. Cunning!

I did this a couple of weeks ago, while auditing a weeklong Zoom seminar. Using my laptop connected to a television, I ran SYSTM no-vid workouts in minimized mode at the bottom of my screen, superimposed over Zwift. I had both bluetooth and ANT+ dongles on my computer. I didn’t know which would work better and my local electronics store is 40 minutes away, so I figured I’d get both and save myself a trip.

Here’s the key: start Zwift first, but don’t let it control. Then start SYSTM with it in control.

I found that this setup gave me nice, quiet eye candy to use so I could work up a sweat and sit in on a seminar running on my iPad (with my microphone and camera off). Multitasking for the win!

Oh, and another thing. I downloaded a cheap app that turned my phone into a touchpad mouse for my computer. This kept me from having to get off the bike whenever I wanted to start or pause my workout.


Thanks so much for the insight guys!