SYSTM with NoVID and RGT

Hi - I’d like to run SYSTM and RGT together using one of the SYSTM workouts like a No Vid… I’m using the KICKR with CLIMB.

Is there a solution to have one app control the KICKR and the other app to monitor the KICKR ? I’m looking to use RGT as the display to a SYSTM workout without the magic roads export/import.

I can workaround this by using SYSTM to drive the KICKR and have RGT read from my Stages crank-based power/cadence meter. Another option is to have RGT connected to the KICKR and just follow along the SYSTM targets in the SYSTM mini display. I suspect there is another option to relay data via one of the IOS apps too though.

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This sounds pretty much like riding in Zwift while doing a SYSTM/SUF workout. I used to do this when I was leading some group rides with my club a couple winters back.

I’d use SYSTM/SUF in ERG mode controlling the Kickr while Zwift was just reading power from the Kickr but only as a power source (not a controllable trainer.). I don’t see why you couldn’t do that in RGT as well.

Essentially what would happen in Zwift (and I imagine in RGT too), is that your Avatar would move through the terrain based on the power output from the SYSTM/SUF ERG workout. So, I’d be surging and slowing on a flat or hammering then barely moving on a climb.

The Kickr can have more than one bluetooth connection but if its SYSTM controlling the Kickr then your climb won’t respond to the Zwift (RGT) gradient, it will instead respond to the gradient of the SYSTM/SUF workout.

It’s been a while since I’ve done this though but I do not believe you can have your Climb matching the gradient of RGT while SYSTM is controlling the Kickr.

You could potentially do the SYSTM workout in level mode (you’d have to uncheck the trainer control icon in SYSTM) then let RGT send gradient info to the Kickr and the Climb should respond accordingly. I’d be interested to know if you get this to work.


@melibokus Yes - you are correct. Let SYSTM control the KICKR and then just select power, cadence and heart rate - not control or ERG - in RGT. Also I think you need to select a looped route so your RGT ride doesn’t just end but I may be wrong about that. That may only be applicable on Magic Roads and not the Just Rides.

Note that when you finish you will have two activities on your calendar - one that will turn green if it was already scheduled and one that is grey. You can delete the RGT activity if you don’t want to see the duplicates. Right now there isn’t a way to combine the two activities.

Another option is to skip using SYSTM and instead use a 3rd party workout creator like TrainingPeaks or and then send the .zwo file to and it will add the workout to your library. In that case you want use ERG and control in RGT.

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This works well and is easy to do because many of the No-Vid workouts have the power levels and durations to recreate them in the workout description.

However it’s a step we shouldn’t really have to take - it should be a relatively straightforward development task to get the No-Vid library of workouts integrated directly into the RGT user interface.


I am going to do this when looking ahead and when its not rideable outside (heavy snow for us in winter). I did create my own plans in trainerroad for winter endurance rides before Zwift and doing the .zwo file conversion makes sense. But, I also hope that all the no-vids or even movies too will be available in both SYSTM/RGT for us to pick from by this winter.

Thats great news, I don’t think my old KICKR had more than one BTE connection at a time, but my new KICKR does. I’ll give both of these a try this week and reply back.

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This is great news. I do have a trainingpeaks premium subscription too but haven’t played with the workout creator. I’ll do this too - thats 3 things to try out! I’ll also see what happens with just ride - I do have to delete the dups in the SYSTM calendar and probably twice in TP as well as both SYSTM and RGT are set to synchronize with TP !

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It’s be nice if eventually all the No Vid workouts were available as workouts in RGT then you’d have the option of how to complete them.


In TP you can combine - you download one of the records, delete it from the calendar and then go into the other workout and upload the file that you downloaded. It works better when you are tracking heart rate using one platform and doing a workout on another but probably works fine to combine SYSTM and RGT workout files.

Here are findings from the first test

KICKR 2018 (multi BT) with Climb 2022
SYSTM on IPAD with sensors KICKR power, cadence, (control in ERG mode), TICKR for HR
RGT on MacOS with sensors KICKR power, cadence, (control disabled), TICKR for HR

All sensors remained connected on SYSTM and RGT and primary display was RGT. The only problem was I kept missing or drifting away from the SYSTM cadence targets even with the SYSTM audio reminders.

For this setup, I think picking a flat RGT course for a flat SYSTM workout would be best. I also need to see if I can run SYSTM and RGT together on MacOS to view SYSTM cadence targets.

My SYSTM calendar showed a duplicate workout, but I just deleted the RGT “virtual cycling” entry. I do have TP sync enabled on SYSTM and disabled on RGT but I’ll still have to check TP for duplicates.

A minor issue is the CLIMB integration. CLIMB cannot be independently controlled from RGT or SYSTM you have to pick one to control the KICKR+CLIMB or put the CLIMB in manual mode. In manual, you have no display on RGT or SYSTM of what the current CLIMB incline is. If you switch from manual to software controlled, SYSTM does not reset the incline setting. A workaround would be to have another device (IPhone) for CLIMB incline monitoring but it would be better to have independent CLIMB incline control in RGT and SYSTM or at least a display of the current CLIMB incline setting


Update : same setup but running SYSTM and RGT together on MacBook Pro.

  • Opened SYSTM first with all sensors recognized and KICKR in ERG mode. Selected the MiniMap display. Opened RGT and all sensors recognized with KICKR control disabled.
  • Started RGT lets ride option, SYSTM mini-map was still on top of RGT and clicked play.

No sensor dropout over the 1 hour ride.

This is a perfect setup for me. I’ll do the magic roads with a custom plan for multi-hour rides when I can’t get outside (winter snow).


Is there a way to do this on an iPad? I’m not sure how to do a mini map in SYSTM on the iPad.

I can’t find the mini map is in the SYSTM IOS app or put SYSTM into Window mode. You could attach an external display to the IPAD for one of the apps and or try out the new multi-tasking features like windows overlay in IPADOS 16 coming this October (or beta right now). If I needed to do this today though, I’d do SYSTM on an IPhone and RGT on the IPAD.

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Thanks. SYSTM on iPhone and RGT on the iPad seems to be the best approach.

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What type of connection are you using between the mac using both apps and the kikr? I have an ant+ pen and BT on my windows PC. Havent tested this (systm and RGT) yet but in the past never got to work two apps (Sufferfest or Traineroad with RGT) at the same time. One always made the other not connect properly.

Sergio - I’m just using BT on the Mac for all sensors and apps. I had the same experience as you with an older MBP, older Kickr but all doing well with those sensors and a MBP from 2019. I even bought a ANT/USB plug and a USB extension cable before upgrading to the 2018 Kickr expecting to have problems but never needed to use it - I don’t have a Windows laptop to test with sorry.