SYSTM workouts on RGT

recently I tried to switch from Zwift to RGT/SYSTM and I was wondering, if there is an easy way to ride SYSTM workout on RGT. I usually like the content of SYSTM videos, but today I had Endurance 3 workout with a black screen and just couldnt bring myself to finish the workout. I know, I can watch TV or something, but its too distracting for me, so the cycling game is perfect for me. Thanks for answering. Paul

Hey. I don’t think that they can run ‘inside’ RGT yet though I’d be surprised if that’s not something that’ll happen one day in the future.

What you can do is run RGT and SYSTM at the same time, minimise the SYSTM to the thin bar view of power/stats you prefer only and stick that under the main RGT screen on the monitor (if using a windows pc and if using a power source that allows you to read power on a second channel eg smart trainer or power pedals/cranks that have ANT and Bluetooth)

If using other devices you can use two different devices as well of course.

Hope that helps

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See for a method on how to do.

Isn’t it possible to just let SYSTM control your trainer and RGT read power? Haven’t tried but that’s what I envisioned when getting around to try RGT.

Another option, if you have a Wahoo bike computer you could run the outdoor version of the Systym workout run on the bike computer. From there I believe you could probably allow the computer or RGT to control the resistance (i.e. ERG mode from computer or let RGT simulate the hills and whatnot). I have not tried this yet but it should work.

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@Magnito Yes - I have done that and it works but I used two devices. Note that you will end up with two entries on your SYSTM calendar but you can delete one if you want to.

If you have a trainer than can transmit power to more than one app (like recent Kickrs) then you can use bluetooth for everything or else you can use bluetooth for SYSTM and ANT+ for RGT.
Open SYSTM and load the workout and get that set up as normal. Then open RGT except when you connect your devices, be sure to disconnect CONTROL. Just keep Power (and Cadence if you want).
That way SYSTM controls the power on your trainer and RGT uses that Power to move you in their course.

I followed the instructions here - GitHub - bakermat/suffersync: Syncs Wahoo SYSTM calendar with - and can now pull Systm workouts I’ve already completed through to RGT via a calendar app who’s name escapes me right now. If you search for a post called something like “systm workouts on RGT (workaround)” in this forum, there’s a discussion and some screenshots and further explanations of how to do it step by step, I managed it so it’s not too technical and it works perfectly.

You can do that with a little workaround. You just need to run one app on your mobile and the other on your PC/Laptop/MAC.