Can't connect Heart rate to android mobile phone

Could anyone knows if its possible to connect heart rate belt to android mobile?

Yes. What heart rate strap or device are you using?

Am using the Garmin heart rate strap

Which specific HR strap are you using? I got several Garmin HR straps which are ANT+ only. Thus I cannot use them with the mobile. Have you checked if your strap is supporting Bluetooth?

My Samsung Android phones have supported ANT+ incl my current S21. A while ago I could get the Garmin ANT+ strap HR data on the phone via an appropriate app. The phone and the app need to support ANT+. IDK which apps, if any, do nowadays.

SYSTM mobile supports BLE only.
No way to connect to ANT+ only sensors.

Yeah…mine hasn"t any bluetooth technology!
I will change it hopping will work! I will let you know.
Thanks a lot! :+1:

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Even though the S21 supports ANT+ the later versions of Android no longer do. You have to get external software and much of that is no longer supported by the authors.

Could be an Android OS thing or something. Samsung specs the S22 and Z Fold Flip as having ANT+. I don’t know about other brands. Bottom line is it appears few if any fitness apps support it.

Probably is. I know that I had to add four apps in order to use an ANT+ dongle. SYSTM doesn’t support ANT+ in the mobile versions (iOS/Android) because it is not natively supported by the OS. In any case, I have a dual band HRM from Garmin after the Wahoo TICKR I have was deprecated by one of the heart applications I use. Both are supported by SYSTM and RGT in BTLE mode.

I tried a bluetooth heart rate strap and now works perfectly!Thanks a lot!

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