Heart rate monitoring coupling Elemnt roam and SYSTM

I use HRM red (ant+) from Garmin together with elemnt roam.
Recently bought a Kickr and using SYSTM (and RGT).
During SYSTM training rides i can see my heart rate via Roam, but not possible to see in SYSTM.
Is it possible to have SYSTM read and show the heart rate from the roam as well?
It would be silly to buy a specific bluetooth hrm…

Hi there,

It depends. If you’re using a PC or MAC, all you have to do is buy an ANT+ dongle to plug into a USB port on your computer. Then, you’ll be able to add your HRM to SYSTM. If you’re using an iOS device, I think you’re SOL. I don’t think iOS devices can read ANT+ dongles.

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Why do you even need to use your Roam while using SYSTM indoors?

Neither iOS nor Android devices will be able to see ANT+ devices under SYSTM. It’s not supported nor will it ever be. iOS does not have the capability to support ANT+ and Android requires reducing system security to what could be considered and unacceptable level.

Via the Roam I can at least read my heart rate.

What device are you using for SYSTM?

So it could be as others have said, that your device will not read ANT+, most phone or tablet operating systems will not

Thanks for your considerations.
I have bought a wahoo tickr x, all issues resolved :slight_smile: