Can't find Dynamic Strength workouts

Where can I find the Dynamic strength training workouts? They do not appear under the “workouts” tab, and I they also don’t appear when I select any training plans. I’d like a strength plan that includes at least one of these a week.

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Hi @hillaryemarques and welcome! Are you looking for the strength workouts or plans? I get to the workouts via Home >> Library >> Strength and you can see all 52 workouts on offer to browse and add to your calendar.

To add them as a plan, I go to Home >> Plans >> Cross-Training >> Strength, and then you can tailor from there for a plan that best fits what you’re looking for. Due to the new Q&A plan designer “feature”, you may have to sample various combinations and look at what the engine kicks out to find one that’s closest to your needs.

Should also add that many (most?) of the riding plans offer a strength “add-on” option within the plan. I personally add yoga and strength plans outside of the ride plan, as it feels like I have more control over the plan development. Again, you may need to sample and see what you get before you commit to your calendar.

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Hey @hillaryemarques, if you’ve got a “workouts” tab, you may be using the old Sufferfest app, rather than the new SYSTM app that all the Sufferfest stuff has been moved into. If you’ve got SYSTM then just follow @CPT_A’s suggestion.

Your home page should look like this in iOS

or this on desktop

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Ahh, indeed Glen I had the old app on my laptop. Thank you!

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