Strength not available on all plans

Hi Folks,

Strength isn’t available on all plans is there a reason why?


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I think the answer is twofold:

  1. Many plans are older than the strength offerings and some just didn’t get updated yet.
    I see more and more being updated. Actually, I’m not even sure which ones don’t offer strength at the moment.
  2. Some plans are so specialized in their focus that it’s hard to implement or are only building blocks meant to be combined by yourself.

And if you know what you are doing, you can always add strength as a cross-training building block.
But be careful to get enough rest and don’t risk injury.

Are you looking at a specific plan? Where are you missing the option?



yeah I was looking at Volcano Climbing plan. What I understand is the plans that combine strength adjust the bike sessions accordingly to ensure training is balanced.

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I’m still wondering about this too. If I try to set up a Building Block cycling plan, Yoga is available but not Strength. I would love to have all three dimensions available in my plan (Cycling, Yoga, Strength).

Hey folks

Anything on this query? Could we have the option for strength in the building blocks plan?


@PeterEire Try adding a separate plan from the cross-training category.