Can't log in to WahooX

I am trying to log in to WahooX to do my workout. For the first time in a very long time rather than just launching when I click on the shortcut, it asked me to log in. I put in the email and password which I know to be correct, and I keep getting an error message. Finally, out of frustration, I clicked on Forgot Password and entered my email address. That was supposed to email me a reset link. Nothing came. Yes I checked my spam folder.

Anyone else getting shut out???

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Just tried RGT, same thing. It asks for my password which it won’t accept.

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I just had the same problem few minutes ago.

I can’t log in and get no email to change my password (which i typed in correctly)

Hey folks, SYSTM, has systems that are down atm. I’m sure they are aware:

You can always check for yourselves here:

It’s always the first thing I check if there are every any problems logging in.


Thanks Sir Glen. Now that I know this webpage exists, I will use it. :smile:

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Thank you Sir Glen! :+1:t3:
I’m also unable to log in.
The API is down.


Thanx Sir Glen. I’m dure they will fix the problem asap

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I knew I should have started my scheduled workout sooner. That status page is great,

Thanks Sir!

Same issue. Not good

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Same issue

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I’m getting the same thing right now!

FYI I logged a support ticket earlier on and I have received an update saying they are aware and are working on it.

BTW thanks for the link to Wahoo’s status page - I had used the RGT one in the past but hadn’t come across this. I have shared this on the RGT Facebook groups as part of a post on the issue. Ta!

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All back and running for me now :slight_smile:


Just checked and it is up for me as well. Too late for today however. Interestingly, Systm did require that I log back in but RGT loaded as usual with that requirement.