SYSTM hacked or down?

I was logged into my account this am with no issues to plan the day. Mid afternoon my account was reset on my iPad and could not log in with my email address / user name. All blocked and couldn’t reset. Created a new account just to keep going. Please tell me SYSTM has decent security.

Ok, must be on the provider side as new account doesn’t work either.

Same problem here. Can’t log in!

Ok, suspect this isn’t my acct alone then. Will try to be patient on Christmas …. Argggh :weary:

I have the same problem….

ditto. machines with an existing, valid login token and new sessions from new device with correct login details are both failing. Luckily… I came here to check and someone’s already reported it :wink:

The problem is apparently resolved. I can log in…

Back online


If you see this again, I suggest trying to log in here: Wahoo Fitness | Log In to see if that works.

If there is a problem with logging in due to a server-side issue, you’ll get a message saying they’re having a problem on their side.

The SYSTM message about incorrect user name/password is not very helpful in this case - a request has been submitted to make this a more meaningful message.