Century vs 100mile gravel plans

I am aiming for a gravel event, but it is a two day event, with 90km first day and 80km second day.

I am considering the 100 mile gravel plan (as that is the sum of both days).

Just noticed that it is very similar to the century plan I had setup previously to signing up to the gravel event.

As I will also do some road granfondos and a spring classic as preparation during the plan.

What would be the best plan to follow ?
Does the gravel plan add something that will benefit me to switch to, or can I continue with the century plan ?

(I am also setting up yoga and strength with the plans)

I would assume that gravel plans have more strength/high torque elements than pure road plans. And two 50mi days are nowhere near one 100mi day! The first is more about recovery, the latter about endurance. You should expect to be able to maintain a MUCH higher two day average speed with proper preparation than you would in a single day century.


Good catch on probably the high torque stuff.

I added both in the calendar and they are very similar at the start. Mostly the difference is in the strength plan. Thinking about the torque helps to make sense of things.

Regarding the 100mile Vs 2 stages of 50, I understand it is not the same, but I could not find a plan for stage racing, and though it would be better to go ‘overprepared’.

It is my first gravel race, and the first ever we have in Portugal, so I am completely in uncharted territory.

That said, I am also completely stoked about it! So maybe also overthinking it.