DId I pick the wrong training plan?

Most winters I pick the 100 mile gravel plan. I actually realized I like racing ~40-ish miles and ~60 milels (100km) is the sweet spot for a fun ride. I like gravel centuries, too, but the last 40 miles are past the point of diminishing marginal returns.
Anyway, I started the 36m gravel plan, which fits what I will race. The weekend endurance efforts are really short! What do I do? I still want to be ready for th 60-ish rides as well!

If you accumulate some reasonable time/distance during each week, you should be fine for the 100 km rides. You don’t necessarily have to train to the full distance you want to ride.

And if you feel you’re a bit underdone on the longer endurance riding, you could extend the weekend endurance efforts a bit.


Thanks!! Yeah, I’ll just extend the weekend rides.
The first week on teh 36 mile plan seemed pretty easy (I’m whispering, don’t want to say it too loud). I seem to remember weeks with nine hammers, revolver, and power station in a 3 or 4 day span. Is the 36 mile plan not only short but actually less intense than the other plans? If so, that’s not what I was looking for. TIA!