Can I adjust my entire plan by one day?

I put in my race date at the beginning. Maybe the plan anticipates Sunday races. Mine is Saturday. By now (week 5 or so) the plan has me taking 3 hour rides on Fridays and Saturdays. Sounds great! But, Sunday off… Is ther an easy way to shift the whole schedule? Or, just day by day. (That seems to work well!)


Well, you can do the old tried and true delete it and reset with the correct week plan. Use end date instead of start date to compensate - all of your previous work will still be there.


It won’t delete my workouts? For real? OK, that would be great!! Thank you!


For real! It will only delete the stuff you haven’t done yet—which you will promptly replace with the same stuff offset by a day.


The calendar needs some flexibility capability. I need to insert a break (because I went outside instead) but want to continue the plan tomorrow. I should not have to delete and add all the events for the next several weeks to inject a day or days. Selective drag and drop of events across calendar days would be a great help.


Just FYI—if you ride outside instead, just skip the scheduled video or move it to a day with one you’d rather skip and skip that one.

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