Change plan start date

I created a plan to start in the future, but the long workouts are on Friday and Saturday with rest on Sunday. I was expecting the long days on the weekend and recovery day Monday. Is there an easy way to adjust the start by one day - and will this put the long workouts on the weekend?


Since they added drag-and-drop (on laptop anyway) I’ve just manually adjusted, but in the past I’ve gone back and tweaked the entire plan by changing the start day. I believe Mondays are the normal start, so try a test run where you start your plan on a Tuesday or something - see if that gets you where you want to be?

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Like Sir @CPT_A said, if you pick Monday as the start, the longer rides should default to Saturday and Sunday. You can just delete the plan you implemented.


It’s kind of hidden when adding a plan. On the plan preview page (the last page before accepting your new plan), there is a link to preview the entire calendar where you can see the entire plan on the calendar and where you can check to see what workouts are scheduled for which days.

I always start my plans on Sundays which puts the long rides on Fri & Sat and makes Sun a rest/recovery day for most weeks.


I’m not sure if it’s been mentioned, but if you delete a plan, all completed workouts will stay on your calendar. If you then add a new plan, say one with a date starting in the past, only the workouts in that plan that occur in the future will show up in your calendar. Workouts that would have occurred in the past are not added to your calendar. This works really well if you need to shift out a plan, as I do when I find I need more recovery.


Thanks all. It was easiest to just delete the plan and create again with the new start date 1 day later.

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