Change in outdoor sessions in existing plan?

First of all, congrrats on the new platform. I was a (relatively absent, I admimt) beta tester and I know the efffort that was put in. I’m excited for the future.

Before the Systm release I had the advanced All Purpose Plan loaded in to the top. This weekend I have the FTP/MAP Builds: 2 Sets 3x6 outdoor workout coming up.

This, and everything else (full plans, history, etc) all appeared seamlessly in the new app. Except…I just looked at the upcoming workout and whilst the intervals look the same the full workout now come sin at 2 hours with no additional volume. I am sure it previously said 2hrs30 including 30mins additional volume. I reproduce the outdoor sessions in the trainingpeaks workout builder so that I can send them to my head unit, so I am using that as a reference, not just my holy water-addled brain.

Am I going mad? Have these things been tweaked? I can understand any new plans/workouts being different to the old ones, but I am a bit surprised that existing things would be changed.

i’m not sure what’s worse, me being right and things having changed, or me being wrong and the realisation that I need more threrapy (suffering).

Anyone else seen similar?



There’s a third option. You may be right, yet could always use more therapy.


That’s the attitude we like. Bring it on Grunter.