FTP/MAP Builds 8x3 - Outdoor description not correct?

Once again, I am disappointed in the quality of the outdoor workout instructions. I’ve already written several times on the forum about this.

Again today, when I tried to enter the workout “FTP/MAP Builds 8x3” in TP, I noticed that in the “2’1’3’”, the 1 minute is marked to be done at 120% FTP and in the video workout it is equivalent to my 100% MAP (120% FTP = 351 and 100% MAP = 393). I find the difference quite big.

I don’t want to be a pain but all these descriptions should be reviewed.

And why refer to FTP when it is above FTP. The principle of Systm is to use MAP?

This has always been the case for outdoor workouts - since typically the 4DP metrics don’t exist outside Suf/Systm the outdoor descriptions have used a generic function-of-FTP to allow things to be integrated in to any choice of head unit or platform that only knows about FTP.

I agree that it would be useful if it expressed in terms of MAP (perhaps as well, whatever) so that you can put the power target in. I also translate to TP and then upload to my Bolt.

Pushing rides to a head unit for outdoor training is something that Wahoo/SUF has been vocal about working on. Sir David himself said that he was very disappointed that it hadn’t made the original Systm release, but that it will be coming soon. I would guess that their target is the northern hemisphere spring (but that’s a guess).

Some of the workouts used to be expressed in terms of FTP/MAP/AC not just FTP.

Huh ok. Fair enough. I couldnt ever remember seeing that.

If you use a workout builder outside of SYSTM, they have little or no knowledge of MAP/VO2(AC)/NM and thus the amounts are given in FTP. If you use the SYSTM workout instead of the described outdoor workout, they are two different workouts (yes they have the same name but trust me, it was this way with the Sufferfest as I found out the harder way).

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In the workout builder I use to adapt manually the percentage so they match the percentage of the MAP when it is MAP related.