Choose which videos to delete

Hi Minions. My laptop was low on memory so I deleted the Sufferfest videos and now have to download those which are required for my new training plan. Would it be possible to be able to select which videos to delete so that we do not have to download any a second time?

How did you delete the videos? Individually choose each one by “unclicking” the download button on the Workouts tab (which is effectively you selecting which videos to delete) or some other way?

I clicked the white button with my initial in the top right corner and in the drop down menu selected application. that gave me a window with a link at “Manage downloaded videos on the Workouts tab.” I clicked “Workouts” and all the downloaded videos were gone.

Sorry you lost all your downloads, sounds like something happened that shouldn’t. Being taken to the regular Workouts tab from that link on the Application page is the expected operation (this is on desktop, no idea if iOS is the same). Doing that shouldn’t delete all or any of your downloads though, you have to go through the list and manually choose the ones you no longer want (by clicking their green downloaded button and then confirming the request). The only way I know of to bulk delete all downloads involves operations outside of the app. Strange.

this is on a PC, not IOS. Thanks for the tip on the green download button to delete videos. Is there a set of instruction with this and other operations?

I’ve not seen instructions specifically for deleting existing downloads, I just poked a green button and it did it. The general “user guide” for the app is here If you have any suggestions for improvements then I’m sure the minions would love to hear, drop them an email.

I’ve only been reading it for 3 minutes and already have learned some quite useful things. I’m indebted to you. Thanks.


Not sure if you are aware but i have the same issue but i bought a 128gb USB stick plugged that in and then mapped the folder over to the USB stick, I now have every single video from the app on the stick so will auto load no downloads needed.