Deleting downloads

Is there a way in SYSTM to quickly delete downloaded items in windows?
I’ve just gone through cycling/strength/yoga etc. filtered to downloaded and then opened each workout and deleted the download. It feels like there should be a better way of doing this and there was no filter by download option for running even though a few have videos: doubt they’re downloaded anyway. Mostly I download them when my internet is playing up when I start workouts and then forget I’d done it. Would be nice if there was a download for a month option. Apart from Full Frontal and Half Monty I don’t want anything downloaded permanently.


If there is I have not found it. I will be watching and hoping as well.

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I am guessing there is a hidden folder in the SYSTM app that we can open using the command line and in which all the videos are stored, so all it would take is CTRL-A and delete. Clunky but way easier than going through each workout type, filtering by downloaded and then individually opening each workout in order to delete the download. Can imagine on iOS it is inaccessible but I’d bet we can get there on PC/Mac and android.