Deleting completed workout videos

Hey Minions, REALLY need a better/more robust process for removing previous downloads in the new system. Maxing out my iPad storage @ the moment because it’s tedious to search for videos from prior efforts to clear the tick mark.

My preferred solution would be the old, SUFF ability to have “downloaded” as a sort by function in the library. But can we at least get the removal option added to the calendar, so we could select completed workouts from the calendar and delete them there?

Having to look back at your calendar, then jump over to the library and look up the video to delete it there seems…overly complicated? Especially given this was an easy solve in SUFF.


I love this idea.

Additionally - Having an indicator that I’ve download the video would be especially helpful in the calendar view. I like to download videos before the ride and this would help me know which ones have been downloaded already. It could also help me trim previously downloaded videos that I won’t re-play.

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