Classic Thin Air / Classic Wretched?

I did Thin Air today. I really like Thin Air; it was the first new workout to be released after I entered Sufferlandria and I’ve always thought it was a particularly good one. It’s got a great ‘hook’ for a long effort, a good storyline and good music. The same is true of The Wretched; another of my favourites.

What I don’t understand is why the targets have been changed. Thin Air used to be an 80 TSS workout and was comparable to Angels in intensity. The Wretched had an IF of 1 (and was the only Sufferfest that did, I think); of course it did, it’s the “Tour de France stage” workout. Now they’re both essentially sweetspot/medium threshold workouts, and the whole feel of them has changed. I still enjoy them, but I don’t really feel the same sense of achievement that I used to when doing them. Staying on top of The Wretched right to the end used to be a sign that it was time to do a fitness test. Now…meh.

Is there any chance we can have the original workouts back as Classic versions? I assume it wouldn’t involve much in the way of changes beyond the actual targets - we got to keep The Hunted and Fight Club, so why not these too?


I’ve just realised that I’ve just repeated, almost word for word, a comment from about a year ago. As you were.


Thin Air is one of my favorites, as well. I quite enjoy the ISLTA mash-up, too. Especially when The Shark starts turning the screws.

I’m assuming - based on your second post - that you don’t need a link to the thread about why the workouts were changed and the availability (or not) of the original workout targets?


Thanks. No, I don’t; as others have said, I don’t really think it was the right call to change workouts that were tough but worked well in the name of ensuring that more people finished them, when they could have simply introduced other workouts. It is what it is, I guess.