Why was that workout easy?

Hi all. I’m about a month in getting to know my Wahoo Kickr. I did the 7-day workout leading to the Full Frontal Test and am now two weeks in on the All-Purpose Road Training Plan.

For the first six workouts (Cadence Builds, Chores, TBTITW, Blender, Revolver, Who Dares) the RPE and heart rate were pretty much on target with the dashboard. In a few places the word “evil” may even have escaped my lips.

However, today’s workout - Thin Air - was, how should I say it…surprisingly easy. Especially since this is all about climbing, and I generally suck at climbing. Well into the workout where the target RPE was 7.5 to 9, I was feeling 6 max. Heart rate never got above the low end of zone 2 even when the dashboard was calling for zone 4 or 5. I have been using the trainer in erg mode and was adhering to the power targets.

I realize that the intensity of the workouts have been adjusted according to the 4DP results and probably my age (64). So what gives? Does the intensity need to be tweaked? Will the plan adjust as I get further into it, all good misery will come to those who wait?

Any insight would be appreciated.

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Hi @Salsa, my bet it you were riding it at reduced intensity (with the reductions made by the SUF coaches). You’ll find that most plans have a 2 week on 1 week recovery or 3 week on 1 week recovery pattern, so I am betting you rode it during a recovery week. A lot of folks found these reduced intensity videos confusing as the instructions and the story dont match your effort. Well, the good news is there is now a whole new category of SUF videos called Inspiration. If you delete your current plan and restart it with the same end date, any reduced intensity videos will be replaced by the new Inspiration Videos. I just rode one today and it was pretty cool. Also, if you are ever puzzled by something happening in the app or in your plan you can always reach out the minions. They are quick to respond and will get you sorted faster than a Couchlandrian can polish off a bag of donuts. Email them at theminions@thesufferfest.com


For sure it must have been at reduced intensity. Thin Air is a beast at 100%. You have to ignore HR zones on these reduced workouts since only the power targets are reduced. It would be good if the HR zones were adjusted to match the reduced power to avoid confusion.

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Great tip to update my plan for the new vids. Thanks

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The workout indeed was at reduced intensity and seemed particularly reduced in FTP. Looking ahead in the program when Thin Air returns, the reduced intensity comment is not there.

If anyone is taking tips on updating videos, here’s a suggestion. Workouts that are set at reduced intensity are flagged as such and the amount of intensity reduction is noted - BEFORE you start the workout. Once it’s saved that information disappears and you just see the power profile and the metrics as recorded. It would be worthwhile to have the info regarding the reduced intensity saved with the workout.

I usually make post-workout notes and for those reduced sessions I will note that it was as per coaches notes because it was a recovery week or rest day or whatever. It looks like it won’t be as much of an issue going forward but that might be something to think about.

I also use the note section for 100% effort videos - how I felt, where to focus next time, success on breathing, how close I stayed to prescribed cadence, etc.