Kickr Bike, Elevation, & ANT+ Windows/PC Support

I’ve got a Kickr Bike, and have realized that the software does not support the elevation changes via ANT+. (Since I’ve only ever used The Sufferfest on PC, I was unaware that it actually supported elevation changes at all.) Is there any chance this could be added at some point? Apparently elevation is supported on PC Bluetooth, but my desktop does not have Bluetooth built in.

In the meantime, you could get a bluetooth dongle. They are only around $12-$20 on Amazon.


I’m pretty sure that the Climb connects to the KICKR directly and that the ANT+ FEC protocol doesn’t permit simultaneous ERG and slope. It’d need to be a private ANT (no+) communication, which sounds doable given they own both the master and slave devices. I suspect it is this need for a private communication route that is delaying things.