Climbing gradient - ascent calculated into Strava

Just a thought. I’ve noticed that other virtual riding platforms pull meters gained into the Strava activities.

Is this on the cards in future, considering that the workout videos already show a gradient when riding?


Hi @Christiaan_KoS - thanks for the great suggestion! We do have this already on our wish list for future features - so I’ll add a vote to that particular feature on your behalf. Cheers!


Thanks @Dame.Ellisa.Podemski!


I was about to ask the same question and I found this answer, I’m looking forward to hearing some good news about it.

The great thing is - in the meantime, we can continue to train ourselves silly in the best training platform :slight_smile:

I’d imagine there’s a bit of work to do to be able to sort this fir every single video/novid (the wee slope thing we see is so that some workouts can connect to a Kickr Climb … which is another wee training advantage the ecosystem gives us).

But yeah … someone could be recruited to develop an elevation calculator based on watts and weight, and any videos that are tagged as ones like that, which then would change the speed and distance algorithm as well and so on and so forth. I suppose it was never needed as it’s been about the ability of the platform to give us the best training outcomes - but things change.

3.2w/kg about 1000m an hour (complete guess) … so could always add 1000m climbing manually to Strava for each hour at that effort level and take off some distance (say 2/3rd of distance). Then there’s be an equivalence for annual Strava stats.
Of course that was a 20 second in my head estimate.


Any news about this? :thinking: Id love that. Beeing a climber rider type I pick lots of workouts with gradient to give use to my kikr climb but then those climbs dont get reflected on my Strava numbers. :smiling_face_with_tear: