It seemed like thin air - Kickr Climb integration


I just did this workout this morning and there was no longer any integration with the Kickr Climb, whereas the last time I did this workout there was, so today I had to adjust it manually.

Any reason why this feature has been removed from the workout?

Cheers :slight_smile:

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen Climb integration in ISLTA and my last plan was throwing it up most weekends since July.

There is Climb integration in the two separate videos, both ISLAGIATT and TA, but not in the mash-up, presumably the thinking was it was too long and having the elevation as well would add even more load (though I, personally, would still like it in there).

When did you last have it with integration?


I’m pretty sure it had it when I last did it in June…but now you’ve got me questioning myself? It would be great if the minions could add the functionality in! They have seemingly gone over many of the older sessions and added it.

We have that one listed as having gradients but I don’t see them there. I’m on it! We will get this figured out!

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Thanks Cody! It seems like the minions (or just you :joy:) are going through many of the old videos and integrating the Climb. I did local hero the other day and that now has it, whereas it didn’t before!

Keep up the good work and thanks!

Today I did “Elements of Style” and it is not on the current list of CLimb working videos.

However, the Climb gradient did adjust as I went through the video.

Seems like the list needs to be updated.