IM Training Plan

Hi, I am looking for an advanced SUF training plan for Ironman. Unfortunately the standard advanced training plan is not very advanced, but more poor of structure and volume. Who can I talk/mail to, to get more confidence into SUF training plan for a 9:30h for Ironman Hamburg.
Many Thanks

Out of curiosity, how many full-distance triathlons have you finished?

Hard to say - around 25…


Sorry, but before I order and pay I would like to get more information about such customized plan. Is here anybody from that team who can describe the concept and periodization of training? Which plans are possible, which hour distribution to the days and each disciplines? I am not seeking for marketing statements…
Would be very helpful.

Hey @Markus,
The concept of a customized plan is to fit the training to your desired schedule. You can go with a 3week build/1week recovery or a 2week build/1week recovery. The hours and discipline distribution are based on your time available to train and how you want it structured. All that is determined with the questionnaire and the conversation with the coach before the plan is written.


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Thanks for your support.

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Here is some more info, feel free to email me on and I can talk you through the process in more detail and get you setup with one of our coaches!