Come join the Knight Ride!

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@SirDale and I had a quiet little Oscars avoidance/Suf endurance ride yesterday. Look at the pipes on this guy (he’s the beardless one)!


Is that Andre’ Greipel in diguise?

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It might be. He pushed me a bit on one of the climbs and “claimed” he was just trying to keep up. :joy:



Which weirdly enough is now an Oscar’s reference. :thinking:

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Had to Google that and yep, we can just add that bit to one of countless reasons not to watch the show, or care about the academy awards. :man_facepalming:t3:

Curious image, As sharing a wheel as it gets


I’m going to try and make the afternoon one on Saturday. :crossed_fingers:


Hey y’all. Last minute decision ride


Aww - too last minute for me, I’m afraid. Got a notification you were out and about. Next time, maybe…


Same here. Was already involved in other activities.


I’ll be able to join the middle of the three. But I’m confused by the time translation. Google tells me EDT is four hours behind GMT (where I am), but when I click the link and sign up it says its 7pm, which is a 6-hour time difference…

Just realised that your post says 1300 EDT, but the link has 15:00, which makes more sense… Question answered.

Is it hard to get custom kit made in Zwift? It’d be nice make this a jersey ride.


My understanding is that - when they introduced clubs in 2020 - they were eventually going to set up some kind of kit creator template, but hasn’t happened yet. As it stands now you have to convince Zwift to have an in-house artist render it for you. The only new stuff they’re creating now are companies (cough WAHOO cough) pro/conti teams and “official” events, per Zwift HQ.

Basically you have to be a big, established club w regular events and you MIGHT get their attention. But realistically either Wahoo would need to put in the kit, or we would need to wait for the kit creator.

That said, there are some weird kits out there that I don’t understand how THEY got made…:thinking:

I usually jump into this for KoS club rides - it’s a Strava unlock (you link a Strava account to Zwift):


I usually take a more “classy” nearly SUF like approach :wink:


That guy makes my avatar look puny and weak!

But I swear this is part of the problem zwift has with sizing up people’s avatars. It seems to just add extra weight to your arms and shoulders instead of making the whole Avatar slightly larger.


Yeh, I don’t really care what they do with the avatars, tbh. When I was heavier I kind of liked that they put the weight on my arms and legs rather than where it actually was :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey team - anyone thinking about riding the late Knight Ride tomorrow and want to lead? Don’t technically need a leader to do the ride, but would be nice to have the beacon.

I can only make the first one. Sir @Glen.Coutts is going to lead the 2nd. Only two folks signed up for the overnight (@Wilhelm and Sir Dave McKay). They could use some company there, Europe/Asia/Oceania!


Knight ride in seven minutes

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