Comments on the group ride with Neal Henderson

Participated in the Wahoo All Access ride with Neal Henderson and Sarah Crowley tonight. Sadly, a number of issues came up.
This group ride was spoiled by some numpty blaring his choice of (hesitate to call it “music”) noise so couldn’t hear the chat for the first lap. I would have thought that Wahoo would have some method of removing the offender - but all that happened were repeated requests from NH and comments that were ignored. Surely, Wahoo have more control than was shown?
Then, my video dropped out which meant I was dropped too - possibly my connection, but then why did the sound continue?
There were no question and answer sessions as promised - probably because it was too short.
Had to do a separate ride to warm up, and no cool down afterwards.
I’ve said in another chat that the lack of GCN workouts has made me question the value of this subscription, and these issues haven’t helped. It’s unlikely that I will renew my sunscription.

I agree , its a pity the administrators cannot mute all, like you can in Microsoft teams. It spoilt it anc was very noticeable in last 5 mins when only sarah was speaking. It was my second rgt ride and support this use of the application and its great the guests make time for it. Still prefer systm workouts . I had no issue with technology

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