Compatibility of a specific bike with Kickr Snap

Hi team,

I know that this might be a long shot but let’s see if anyone can help. I am thinking of buying as a present to a family member a Wahoo Kickr Snap. He rides a mountain bike, specifically this one:

After doing a bit of research, it seems that the bike is a Ghost Lector. I have checked Wahoo’s guide to Snap compatibility: I have selected 29” wheels and thru axle. However, the last question to understand whether the bike is compatible or not is the bike’s hub width. I have been checking a few websites but cannot find this information, the two main options given are 12x142mm and 12x148mm, but I haven’t been able to find it so far.

Being a beginner in this world perhaps the answer is obvious, so that is why I wanted to ask.

Thanks a lot!

From what I can see the Lector has a 12X148 rear thru axle and does not appear to be compatible with the Snap.

Edit: Just checked again and ALL the current Lector models have 12x148 rear hubs. Edit 2: Some of the older models may have 12x142

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Many thanks as always, appreciated!
Still a bit of hope with your second edit there… I’ll go to the bike shop and ask to see if they would be able to confirm

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Lemmeno how it works out.

Just as an update and in case it helps someone… It seems that since two years ago or so, all Lector models are 148mm. However, anything older than that will have 142mm, so it seems it will work!

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