Complete profile reset after long sickness

I was doing quite well and was quite fit with numbers that were improving before I got COVID which lead on to liver damage and jaundice. I’ve never been weaker, I was yellow like one of the Simpsons.

I’m wanting to get back to training but the issue is the 4DP profile - Basically I’m Mr Burns, yet my numbers are like Flanders.

I’d like to reset to “like new” all my data and start again.

Can anyones suggest the best way?

I’m wary of deleting the account and adding it back again in case it causes subscription issues with Apple etc. (edit typo)

If you think you have regained enough fitness to take the 4DP fit test, I’d do that. The Half-Monty is your next best choice. You can also manually set (or even delete, I think) your thresholds. With these options, you could keep your history (as fuel for fitness goals!) without having unrealistic workout settings.

Wahoo RGT will also give you an option to adjust your FTP based on your performance in a ride, so that could be another option - select “Just Ride” and see how it goes.


I did the Half Monty after several months off then scaled my NM and AC numbers down by about the same percentage drop I had in ftp and MAP as measured by HM. That got my heart rate in the predicted zones set on the subsequent workouts.

After a month or so, I redid the 4dP test. This seemed to work pretty well at letting me start over.


You can do it even more simple: turn erg mode off and ride by feel at first, until you’re ready to retest. The numbers are just tools after all.


I did this after Covid, manually entered values in the profile section to represent where I was pretty sure I was fitness wise

Also agree that when feeling up to it, the Half Monty is worth doing as it doesn’t require the rough knowledge of your zones to pace a 5 or 20min effort

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