Half-Monty (at middle of the training plan)

I did Haf-Monty which was scheduled under my current training plan.

My estimated FTP went from 199 to 231.
My estimated MAP went from 262 to 287.

Question: Do and should I adjust my 4DP profile at week 7 of my training plan?


That’s impressive progress. I think the app automatically adjusts your workout settings to those new numbers. If not, if it were me, I would apply them and see how you make out. You can always fall back to the prior numbers or reduce the intensity by a few points if the vids become intolerable (I mean more intolerable than usual, of course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


Half-Monty results could not overwrite 4DP results from Full Frontal unless we manually adjust the numbers.

So I am wondering I should adjust 4DP manually after Half-Monty at Week 7 of my 12-week training plan.

Behold, the new numbers will mean loads of pains . :scream:

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HM will update your FTP, MAP and LTHR, but doesn’t alter your rider profile.


My last FF had big gains everywhere except 20 mins, which plummeted. I thought, either I am fitter or I am not, so I tried the HM to validate FTP. I got huge gains in the HM which produced numbers I could not train to. If I remember correctly, the HM changed my values, and so I had to manually change them back to the FF numbers

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I also think that my HM numbers are inaccurate. My early morning HR tends to be 15-30bpm lower. So riding constrained HR at the black zone somehow might result in higher power numbers.

I will dial back HM numbers to perhaps 3-5% increase of my current 4DP results and see how I cope with the new values.

5 more weeks to the next FF anyway.

How do I dial back the HM numbers?

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To dial back the HM numbers, at least on MacOS:
Click on the little circle with your icon or initial on the upper right. Then select “Workout Settings”. Finally “Edit” the 4DP Power Profile settings you want to change.



I am in the middle of a 12 week plan and I feel like my HR zones are wrong/too hard. I think I need to take a new test to update them. Will the HM update zones or just the LTHR?

Also when is the best time in my plan to do a FM if needed? I was planning to do it straight after this weeks rest week.



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I had doubts about Half-Monty but was proven wrong.

Gain in MAP, FTP and AC
Loss in LTHR and NM

I’m happy with my results!

Self-Reflection: Half-Monty was a pretty good gauge in the middle of the training plan - MAP 280 and FTP 230.
After 4DP, MAP 289 was spot-on. I was hitting FTP 230 towards last 6 mins but I screwed up the front 10 mins, trying to find the right gears.

Cheers and many thanks to David, Neal and Sufferfest Team. You are #1.