Concerned about Half Monty results vs FF

I completed the FF on 11/29/20. My results were;
NM 683
AC 305
MAP 210
FTP 162
Type: Attacker

On 1/20/21 I completed the Half Monty. My results were;
MAP 190 (-20)
FTP 153 (-9)

I’m concerned why my results have decreased. I felt good going into the Half Monty. Rested and ready. I’ve been working out regularly. Missed 1 1/2 weeks from being sick however staying on schedule. Discouraged by the results especially that I have been feeling stronger and more able. Concerned about the results and not sure how to internalize my efforts or what the results should mean to me.

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Don‘t be discouraged. Even the badass have a bad day.

Was it your first Half Monty Test? Do you feel like it went well and you gave it everything?

If you feel like your day was just off and you’re generally much stronger: Reapply the old 4DP values from your Full Frontal Test metrics.
But more importantly: Be honest with yourself and watch the next few workouts. Try to judge if the amount of suffering feels right.

Here‘s a write up from the SUF Site about manually adjusting your 4DP metrics and a guide on how to easily re-test a metric, if needed:



The app gives you the ability to manually adjust your 4DP values. Perhaps you feel that one aspect of your fitness has improved recently and, while you don’t want to adjust your entire profile you do want to, say, tweak your 5-second power a bit upwards.

If can be useful to adjust a part of your 4DP profile in the middle of a training plan without re-testing if you feel significant gains have been made in one particular area. But, BEWARE! Manually changing elements of your 4DP is not something we recommend as arbitrary adjustments can have huge, potentially negative implications for your workouts. It’s not just the individual values, but the relationships between them that are important and any changes not done through a test can alter those relationships.

So, if you insist on adjusting one particular element of your 4DP profile, we suggest you do the following to get a proper view of what it should be (rather than guessing):

  • Neuromuscular Power (5 second) : If you think that your sprint targets are low, then fire up Full Frontal and do the sprint test of two efforts and see if things have changed.
  • Anaerobic Capacity (1 minute): If you think your AC should go up or down a bit, then ride The Omnium. By the time you make it to the kilo in this video your legs should be fairly well wrecked. If your average power for the Kilo is higher than your Full Frontal-set AC, you can adjust AC up 2-3%.
  • Maximal Aerobic Power (5 minute) : If you’re just slaying the 3-6 minute efforts in your workouts, then go and hit Nine Hammers as hard as you can. If you can hit the power targets on every hammer, and then have a little juice left in the tank for the final minute of hammer 9, then you can go ahead and bump up your MAP by 1-3%
  • Functional Threshold Power (20 minute): Those long threshold efforts leaving you wanting more? Then go and ride Hell Hath No Fury. If you make it through the first 20minute effort at 100%, then increase the intensity to 105% for the second. If you can make it to the end of that 20minute effort without too much trouble (and be honest here, we are not talking about just “making” it to the end, but having it feel like a 7 and not a 7.75) then you can increase your FTP by 2-3%

We don’t recommend adjusting any more than one aspect of your 4DP profile between tests. If you feel that more than one aspect needs to be adjusted, then it’s best to just front up to Full Frontal. The exposure is never easy, but you just might be pleased by what you see.

And don‘t worry. Your gains will come.
It‘s not a sprint, it‘s a marathon.
Have fun.

unless you’re a total beginner or getting back into it I can’t imagine a significant bump or drop in numbers after 6 or 8 weeks training, so why bother updating numbers for 2 or 3 watts one way or the other. If training regularly for a while and HM gives a significant difference then I suggest the HM is flawed and not worthwhile adjusting to the numbers it provides. Either way, in my estimation, an HM mid-plan is kinda a waste of time for the person that has been training regularly. Keep in mind I have zero coaching credentials. That’s just my approach to HM.

Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate the article and will take it into consideration moving forward.

Thank for your thoughts. I’m doing the Pre Mountain Biking routine and this is the first time I have completed the Half Monty. I must confess I got quite annoyed with the results after being so committed to the efforts. Maybe I’m over training.