Half Monty - Do I need to update?

Just done the Half Monty as prescribed in the plan I’m doing and I have improved figures.

I’m just a little confused as to whether I am supposed to manually update the 4DP results for MAP and FTP now as I don’t see these Half Monty results anywhere, or do I leave 4DP alone and the app will use the new results from the Half Monty to set the rest of my training?

Your Half Monty results will be automatically used by the app; you don’t need to adjust them. You can check the settings by clicking on the little circle with your initial in the upper right of the app and going to workout settings. You should see the FTP and MAP numbers from your Half Monty test. If you don’t, it’s worth a note to the minions so they can check it out.


Perfect thanks!

I can see the new figures as you described :+1:

Today, as part of my training program, I performed the Half Monty. My FTP increased by 22 and MAP by 19. In my profile, I can see the new figures, however, the color semi circle chart still shows the old figures. Is the chart only updated after a Full Frontal? Or should it reflect the new figures? I know AC and NM only update after Full Frontal.

The chart is only updated after a Full Frontal

Thanks for the information.