Connect Garmin sensors

Do I need A ant+ Dongel for my pc or is There an other possible Solution to Connect with my kickr v5

I have A Garmin Edge 530 on my bike with sensors for cadans and hardbeat

Does your PC have Bluetooth?

Do your sensors transmit Bluetooth?

If the answer to both of these questions is Yes, then you don’t need an ANT+ dongle.


Thanks I have oderd A ant+ usb dongel

FWIW: Recent Garmin sensors for HR, cadence and speed are both ANT+ and BLE. You can look at the sensors themselves for the symbols for each. The Edge 530 is capable of working with ANT+ and BLE sensors.

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Learned something new about the Edge 530. I’ve had issues with my Garmin Speed 2.0 disconnecting. Now to see if it has multiple channels.