RGT Sensor pairing questions

In the pairing screen below I have BT and ANT+ turned on. I’m running a Saris smart trainer (ANT+ and BT capable), Scosche HRM (ANT+ and BT), and GSC10 speed/cadence sensor (ANT+ only).

  1. What do the colored dots in front of the Device Names mean? It seems red indicates ANT+ and green indicates BT, right? The HRM and Hammer show up twice, so BT or ANT+ can be selected.

  2. There should be an ANT+ CONTROL (trainer) available, but i don’t see that as an option. How would I pair my Hammer as controllable using ANT+?

  3. What does the orange color on BIKE SPEED & CADENCE POWER mean? Since it’s a speed/cadence sensor I assume it indicates virtual power? That’s wouldn’t normally be a legit selection for a smart trainer, though some do have fixed power curves that might be used.

EDIT: Just thinking… with the announced big app overhaul coming Tue this might be moot.

"What do the colored dots in front of the Device Names mean? "
Green is connected, red is detected but not connected

“How would I pair my Hammer as controllable using ANT+?”
I think your screen shows that you do have the Hammer being controlled by ANT. ANT is listing your trainer as ‘fitness equipment’ and it’s the only one listed with a switch in the Control column, and it’s green.

“What does the orange color on BIKE SPEED & CADENCE POWER mean?”
That means the device is connected but the speed is being read by another tool, in this case Fitness Equipment. If you set the Power switch for Fitness Equipment to off, you should be able to set the Bikespeed and Cadence Power switch to On.

It would be nice if they had some notation of what was under BLE vs ANT control. A work-around is to turn off BLE, see what shows up as ANT, then turn ANT off and BLE on to see what shows up. It’s sloppy but it works.

Hmmm. I’m gonna hafta play with it and see what happens. My Hammer trainer shows up three times: Power Meter 44337, Fitness Equipment 44337, and Hammer 44337. In other apps, it shows up twice, once for BT and once for ANT+.

My HRM shows up twice: Heartrate 58965 and R+2.0 5333. I assume one is ANT+ and the other BT.

Speed Cadence sensor shows up once, it’s ANT+ only, but it’s weird the parameters are identified as Power and Cadence rather than Speed and Cadence.

The other apps are most likely seeing the same from your Hammer, but just presenting it differently. For example combining the Power Meter and Fitness Equipment into one view, or just ignoring the power meter one completely.

For the Hammer I’d highly suggest using Bluetooth if you can. It makes it much more responsive to gradient changes or power target changes when doing a workout.

Yes. I found that to be true in SYSTM, but not the case in other apps like ZWIFT and TR where ANT+ and BT are equally fast. IDK why that’s the case in SYSTM, and if it is also the case in RGT. That’s why I’m trying to figure out the RGT pairing screen, so I can confidently change and try things.

From what I understand some applications will take the latency of ANT+ into account and queue the change up ahead of time such that the trainer changes at roughly the right time, while others do it when the expected change occurs and then it is only reflected on the trainer shortly afterwards.

Yep. What matters is trying them to find which works the best, whatever the underlying mechanisms. I’ve done that in SYSTM and other apps, and am working on doing that in RGT. At this point, it seems RGT’s pairing screen is wack, but I can work around that.