Activities not loading

Ok, I raised this as an issue and after two weeks still no fix. I cannot see my performance data at all. This has been for every activity; 42 individual activities, 18 of which are cycling.

Anyone else having this issue? I’m beginning to lose a little faith in the tech support side of things.

Hi @ian121 do you have SYSTM linked to any 3rd Parties ie Garmin/Strava or are you even getting emails of the activity sent to your email address ? Or when you finish an activity and hit Save Workout you get this message ?

Hi @Shaned1972 I have them linked to Strava, which it syncs with no issues and get the emails. Yep I save the activities but get the failed to load message each time

By any chance do you have the Sufferfest app on the same device ?

No, I do have the old videos but uninstalled the app some time ago

Does it do it in the web portal and the app ?

What device and what software version is it ? It does seem weird that you are getting the emails and workouts to Strava but not actually syncing to SYSTM itself which is odd.

Yep on both

I’m using a windows 10 laptop. I’ve tried reinstalling the Wahoo systm app on the laptop and still the same.

If it’s happening on both, it’s nothing to do with the app, and I think that the only people who can help you are wahoo (if it’s not loading in the web app, hosted on the server with the data … there isn’t a lot we can do)

I presume your subscription is up to date (otherwise you wouldn’t be doing workouts)

Thanks for your suggestions @PedalMonkey. I’m looking to escalate this with them. Despite reassurances from Wahoo’s Customer Support that this is a priority, 16 days without a fix is quite frustrating.

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