Connecting Watt Bike and Tickr to ipad?

Technical question re Bluetooth connection:

I use a Watt Bike Trainer which connects via Bluetooth to an iPad in orderruns SYSTM.

I want to add a heart rate monitor. If i go with a Tickr, will the iPad be able to pick up the HR monitor as well as the Watt Bike, given they both use Bluetooth?

Or do i need a HR monitor with dual Bluetooth such as the Garmin HRM-DUAL?

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It should work fine over Bluetooth. I use a Kickr, cadence sensor, Climb and HR monitor all connected to an iPad using Bluetooth and no connection issues at all

Yes! This is a super common thing: setting up SYSTM with multiple Bluetooth sensors. I have a TICKR and a separate cadence sensor in addition to my trainer. Just be sure to set everything up from SYSTM—not in the Bluetooth connections in your tablet. If you need help with that, just ask.

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Yes this is exactly the same set up as mine and the TICKR works perfectly :+1:

Thanks all. For some reason, i thought there might be a problem, but obviously not!

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I use an iPad and Kickr with SYSTM. I was using a Garmin HRM-Dual for a couple years, but starting after an iOS update in 2020, was unable to use the Garmin strap. It paired up with SYSTM, but the app never displayed a heart rate. Had to buy a Wahoo Tickr strap to get things to work again.