New Kickr Bike Shift issues

Got a new Kickr Bike Shift delivered last week. Trying it out today and it has repeated connection failures with Zwift and won’t pair at all with Rouvy. Seems to pair fine with TrainerRoad but that’s it. Thought I would try a wired connection to Apple TV only to discover that it’s a Cat 3 connector (! I threw away my Cat 3 ethernet wires about ten years ago). Anyone else having similar issues?

Need to buy the direct connect adapter.

It does also have wifi.


Apparently this was all just confusion on my part on the bluetooth limitations with Apple TV. I think I tried to have three bluetooth signals paired on the Zwift Apple TV app, which is one too many (for Apple TV), and they took turns knocking each other off. Went back and re-paired the KICKR using WiFi, then paired heart rate using bluetooth. Everything seems to be working. I guess I missed that Zwift gives the option of pairing either through bluetooth or wifi network. Don’t think Rouvy gives that option.