Kickr problem


In need of some help

My kickr V5 was working perfectly (with zwift)when last used in May. Today I tried to get it going but encountered a strange problem.

I linked up my ipad as usual, it connected no problem to the kickr via Bluetooth. I selected a course on zwift and away I went… or so I thought!
My avatar didn’t budge, my connections all seem fine - power, cadence etc (no Hrm)

I’ve the newest version of zwift, iPad is updated, no other Bluetooth devices connected at all in the room.
I downloaded the wahoo fitness app and did the necessary updates but encountered the same problem- connected fine but no watts at all when I start to pedal, just pedalling with nothing actually registering on the app screen

I’ve turned everything off and back on etc with no luck

If anyone has any suggestions I’d much appreciate it

Support does read this forum occasionally, but I would suggest submitted a ticket directly to support for the quickest service and response. Wahoo support is usually very quick and helpful.


Thanks for the reply, I’ve contacted them but no luck with a response yet!
Very frustrating as it all looks ok but nothing happens!

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I had what might be a similar problem with my Kickr Core. It was working fine. Then the next day it wasn’t showing power even tho everything seemed and looked fine. After thorough troubleshooting I contacted support they diagnosed it as a motherboard circuit failure and replaced my unit under warranty.