RGT sensors

Wanted to give RGT a try this morning but my avatar was not moving. I gave it a try via connecting to ANt+ as well as Bluetooth. Any guesses what I should be doing ?

Also wanted to take a look at Systm workouts. My trainer power was recognized by the program but was showing 130+km per hour in bluetooth and Ant+

I don’t have any of these issues in Zwift or TrainerRoad.

FYI, I did not have the programs running simultaneously

What devices are you using? It helps to say so in order for us to give you ideas on how to fix.

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Elite Direto and MacOs

Could you post a screenshot of the RGT sensors screen to show what the app thought was connected?

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As Robin-RGT-FB-mod asks, please can you add a screenshot of your sensors seen by RGT?
In this photo are all of the available options for Ant+ and Bluetooth when the PC has Bluetooth and Ant+ aerials and the Remote RGT Phone App is connected :slight_smile:
It’s strange that you are having issues both in RGT and SYSTM …

If you send in a ‘Feedback’ request from the RGT Main Menu after attempting to connect (and without closing RGT) all of the ride logs get sent to support for analysis :slight_smile:

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