Kickr v5 Sudden App Issues

Hey All,

I’ve been using my Kickr for a year and a half now and love it. Starting about a week ago, the app/trainer have been acting strange. This is what happens:

I open the app, go to Enter Workout (Kickr Profile) and the bike connects. I always ride in ERG mode, so that’s what the workout opens up to. It displays 0W and 0RPM (NOT N/A). My Pixel 7 (Android 13) shows the device is connected via Bluetooth in the system settings. No matter what I set the ERG power to, the trainer just freewheels with no resistance. If I change to RES mode, it applys resistance correctly, but still displays 0W / 0RPM. If I go back to ERG, it freewheels again. I’ve tried all of these:

  • Unpairing → repairing
  • Turning bluetooth off and back on
  • Restarting the app
  • Restarting the phone
  • Power cycling the Kickr

Power cycling the Kickr does start to show watts and rpm in RES mode, but if I switch back to ERG, it applies a massive amount of resistance (~600-800W, I would guess).

After I get it to work in RES mode, I can do a combination of spinning → coasting (presumably to cause it to auto calibrate). Each time I go to ERG mode after coasting, it starts to work, but the power is either too low or too high (cross referenced to my power pedals). Eventually, it’ll calibrate and work.

Any idea what to do? I do not power off my Kickr after using it (I leave it plugged into power 24/7).


Sometimes it happens also with my Kickr V6.
It shows 0 W using it with systm app.
Moving in level mode works fine, then back to ERG again 0.
Sometimes it fix by itself, others I plug off-plug in the Kickr or I restart the workout and watts are again there… Did you get any answer?

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