Couch to Crusher, extra sessions

Hi all, I’m coming back to training after some time off. I’m a few weeks into the Couch to Crusher, but feel I need to do some extra sessions. Is it worth doing the Z2 Base rides (60mins) to improve overall fitness. I’m about 2 stone overweight, so would these low level sessions help. I don’t want to swap plans until I’ve completed this one.
Cheers, Rhys

I have done that plan.

The plan gets tougher the more you get into it. By design the first few weeks are relatively easier.

Have you done Revolver, Downward Spiral, Cobbler or Thin Air yet?

The only one of those I haven’t done is Cobbler, although some of the others were ridden some time ago!

I’m 4 weeks into the plan, and I’m averaging 3 hours extra per week. I don’t want to mess with the plan too much as it’s set for a reason, but I do need to shift some weight. If the Z2 stuff isn’t worth doing, I’ll crack on with some harder rides.

I found that is about when the intensity of the plan ramps up. On the other hand, I am in my late 60s so recovery may be more of an issue for me than you.

I added in some extra hours, and I regretted it.

Thanks for the feedback

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