Training for Event 8/9 months out

Hi All,
Im training for a 5 day mountain fondo tour covering about 130KM each day and about 2500 - 3500M of elevation per day.

I’m just about to finish the mountain fondo low volume but the endurance rides on the turbo are just dull. I know I will need to get these in but do I really need to get them in so early or would doing these outside with around 3 months prior to the event be sufficient.

I’m trying to work out how to keep slowly building as if i kick off with low mountain fondo again, I feel ill be taking a step backwards but going to medium mountain fondo feels to early for me. I dont mind getting to this volume closer to the event but want to builds up slowly and not lose the motivation.

If so, any reccomenedations on other plans to help get me ready.


Can you do the endurance rides outdoors?

A fair question and some of them maybe but for me the length gets prohibitive when the UK winter really kicks in.

I guess in reality I’m trying to cheat these long rides for now and focus on them from about 4 months out

Totally understand about the weather , I’m in Scotland and did Nine Hammers rather than ride outside last weekend. I do my season backwards, loads of Z2 base in late spring, Summer when the evenings are light and weather is dry and do the high intensity stuff indoors in winter when it is dark and wet outside. I don’t have an event to prep for, just the local KOMs.