Countdown to meltdown

I’m sure there are dozens of apps like this, but created a wee widget from one of them for the phone …
Not that I’ll be counting down or anything …


The Challenge page has a countdown timer as well…as if we really needed one.

I’ve just been adding the stages to my outlook calendar. As I was trying to work out where to fit each one in, I got to thinking - I’m sure last year there was a decree that multi-stage stages could be done separately, as long as they were done in order.

I have a lot less freedom with my time right now, so blocking big chunks of it is much harder.

Sir @David.McQuillen.KoS or Sir @gpsjared can you confirm or deny please?

Ha, you must know what Sir DMcQ’s going to say to that Dame Liz! (My understanding is that the badger don’t care as long as they’re done in order within the 50 hour window :badger:)

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I distinctly remember doing one stage at my gym right before closing, then coming home and doing the second half here last year.

No way am I going to drag myself through something like Cobbler if it won’t even count without Joyride immediately beforehand! :rofl:

I consulted with the Minions about this. As long as it is done in the 50 hour window it is OK. I did not ask about the order.

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Likewise some serious planning ahead going on here with work calendar and family calendar. Proving a challenge.

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Via the man himself:

As we say, you don’t get off halfway through a Tour de France stage and take a break so it’s not really ‘appropriate’ to do so during a ToS stage. Having said that, we understand that people have complicated lives and as long as you get both sessions done within the 50 hour window, you’re on track to get that badge.