Wahooligan Tour Rule Check

Can I just double check (last tour I did was in Sufferlandria and time zones may vary)
Tour starts 0000 at international date line (east from London) on 12 March (1200 GMT 11 Mar) and finishes 2359 18 Mar at international date line (west of London) on 18 March (1159 GMT 19 March)
So in U.K. there are actually 9 ‘Calendar days’ in which to complete?

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We’ve been assured by Sir @Coach.Rupert.H, that the app itself is going to have official open/close times in the award details section.

In the meantime, there is an updated time chart on the how to prepare for the tour page but yes, 9 calendar days.


It looks like the start times for Howland Island are off… shouldn’t Stage 1 open on Friday at 22:00 there?

For UK it starts 10am the day before the “date” of the stage and closes 12 midday the day after the date of the stage. So it spans 9 days, but you don’t have all of the first and the last day available if that makes sense?!


It’s good to be in the UK for this Tour. I’m planning on starting a day early. If all goes well, I can ride Stage 7 three times on three different days.


Cheers Sir Glen

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It does but it means you get the sleeps and can have 2 days to hit the big weights :muscle:

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Stupid question, but I just did Cash Register without rescheduling it first, so now I have it twice. If I just remove tomorrow’s Cash Register, then today’s will still count to the overall tour completion, right? (I really don’t want to do it again :wink: )

well you CAN remove tomorrow’s Cash Register but why would you want to do that? :smiling_imp:

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Haha - once a weekend is quite enough, thanks.

You can check that your workout has been counted towards the Tour completion under Progress → Awards in the app. The calendar itself has no effect, so you can delete the planned workout from Sunday if you want to.

If you click on the Details button at the bottom of the Tour badge, you get the details of each workout. They should change color (or something) to indicate that you have completed it. I haven’t done any of these workouts yet (it’s still Saturday morning here!), so I’m not showing any completion status.


Perfect! Many thanks!


@gwydion Try dragging the unfinished Cash Register to the same day as the completed version and then drag the completed version over the incomplete version and they should combine and stay green.

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