ToS stage strategy

How are you planning on tackling the tour? Will you take advantage of the 50h window? Do each leg of the stages back to back? Have a break between stages?

I’m in Melbourne Australia, so kick off is 9pm on Sat 13 Feb. Unfortunately Melbourne just went back into Covid stage 4 strict lockdown for 5 days :frowning: …Fortunately, that’s not getting in the way of my ToS, other than I now have to scratch massage, sauna and spa off my recovery (grr) as it’s all going to be shut.

I am planning to hit Joy Ride at 9pm on Sat 13th, followed by Cobbler in the morning on Sun 14th.

I haven’t planned timing on the others yet, most likely an early AM start, then my preference (if able) is to probably do the second leg before lunch, giving me maximum rest time for the following day.

What’s your plan?

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im in melbourne aswell mate… plan is to smash each stage at 9 pm each night and still commute to work on the bike each day.


I will only take advantage of the 50 hour window if I go fishing as planned on Friday. If that happens I’ll shift it and take advantage of the window and pick up the next day.

I like to keep things simple.I work in local time only

Hoping to do all the multi-workout stages truly back-to-back if possible.

Was planning to stick to nominal days, but if I find myself feeling great tomorrow morning I may get started ‘early’ with stage 1.

With kid transport duties (soccer, swimming, gymnastics, etc) on the weekends to contend with, I’ll use the 50 hour window to fit in the weekend rides. Being in Tokyo, I’ll do the same as @feeny and start with joyride this evening, and then cobbler tomorrow morning. The rest of the tour should be pretty simple to manage.

Its really great to have this flexibility for those that have other commitments but still want to suffer!

I’m riding in a Knights league, so stages with multiple videos are limited to 10 minute gaps. Starting on the 13th

It’s my first tour and live been on the Sufferfest since the beginning of January. I’m doing the nuclear option and I’m heading out of town Friday so I’m going to start EST in the morning (Saturday) and do them every morning starting at 6 am and then head to work :joy: fun times! We’ll see how I hold up.

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Ooooh Knights League! First I’ve heard about that!

I did Stage 1 at 5am shortly after it opened this morning. Then I’ll get a rest day tomorrow before I hit all 9 Hammers on Monday and everything will likely happen right on schedule for the rest of the week.

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